Monday, December 17, 2007

Establishing Routines, Responsibilities, Rigor, Results and Relationships

Mr. Jason Levy (December Daily Notes):

We've established many effective systems, and at this point of the year we must continue to make quality our top priority.

1. September, October, November: Roles, Responsibilities & Routines

  • Roles: What is my function in the school?
  • Responsibilities: What is my job description? What tasks do I do?
  • Routines: What systems and habits do we solidify over time?

2. December through June: Rigor, Relationships & Results!

  • Rigor: How challenging and engaging is our curriculum/instruction?
  • Relationships: How do we develop deep relationships to sustain high functioning teams and classrooms?
  • Results: How do we use/track data to achieve the measures outlined in our goals?

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