Monday, December 17, 2007

December Celebration - Getting Connected

What you'll find in the posts below, and on the links from this site, are descriptions of the journey traveled thus far in the first four months of the 2007-2008 school year. We're celebrating near the mid-point, but we'll also be adding to this collection right up until June 2008.

Ideally, many more people on staff will end up recording successes that can be shared here with everyone.

Why bother? Growth is important, and so is the recording of it. It's uplifting to see that hard work pays off, and it's helpful to know what else can still be done.

Hopefully we're shifting the focus on teaching from merely earning to lifelong learning. We're not just teaching students, but also teaching each other. It's an exciting time, and everyone has taken up the challenge!

Here are the links (so far) to Celebrations Pages:

Setting the framework for 2007-2008:

Getting going with Google:

Building teams:

Technology Set-up:

A focus on teaching:

Focusing on Results:

Cyber Consultancy:

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