Monday, February 25, 2008

School News Blog Takes Off!

Thanks to all those who have read, commented, or contributed to the school's new student run news blog "The 339 Hard Line."

Please, stay tuned! When Project SCAN picks back up tomorrow, we will be up and running with new student-written articles and editorials about what's happening around the building.

If you have an idea you would like to share with the students and teachers of 339, take it to the keyboard! We welcome any and all faculty Op-Eds up to 350 words. Email you writing to me at, and I will post it IMMEDIATELY.

To check out the blog, go to or click on this link. Please, please, please, share the site with your classes and encourage responsible student commenting. We want this site to be 'by students for students' and that will only happen with your support in encouraging student readership.

I also wanted to extend a special thanks to Ms. Heiser and Ms. Jenkins for making The Hard Line a reality and to all of our student writers for working so hard and sharing their ideas.

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